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Zenith Bank Swift Code {Lagos & Abuja}

Before we get to the swift code of zenith bank which is the main reason why you are reading this, i think it make sense to first know what it is used for.zenith bank swift code

Numerous financial transactions are carried out globally everyday and a huge chunk of them requires the use of SWIFT code. If you work as a freelancer online from Nigeria, then you definitely will need your bank’s swift code to receive payment. This article will explain everything you need to know.

What is a Swift Code?

Swift code which is also called Bank Identifier code (BIC) is a bank identity code unique to every bank. Each bank has its own and no two banks have the same swift code.

It is a combination of these 3 different codes; The Bank code, Country Code and Location or city code and it can be usually just 8 characters with the Bank code being 4, Country code 2 and Location code 2 as well.

When the swift code is 11 digits, a 3-digit branch code is added to the 8 digits code to complete it.

Swift code is like a network code that connects different bank so they can be individually identified. The Swift is an acronym for Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication and it is a body which handles international bank transactions worldwide.

What is Swift Code used for?

Swift code is required when transferring money from one bank to another most especially, international wire transfers.

If you are searching for your banks swift code, it’s certain you want to carry out a money transfer or receive an international payment.

Without the Swift code, international money transfer will be difficult and most of the time, impossible. Swift code is also a communication code that banks use to communicate with one another through messages.

What is Zenith Bank Swift Code?

If you are a Zenith Bank customer and you needs its Swift code, it is “ZEIBNGLA”.

How the Swift Code of ZBN was Formed

Zenith Bank Plc is a renowned commercial bank in Nigeria and the number of their customers keep increasing daily because of their professional services. The code is 8 characters which consists of 3 different codes.

The first 4 characters “ZEIB” is the Bank’s code which stands for Zenith Bank Plc. The following 2 characters “NG” is the country code of the bank which is Nigeria as we are referring to Zenith Bank in Nigeria. The last 2 characters “LA” is the Location or city code and it stands for Lagos because that is where Zenith Bank head office is.

That’s the main code you will ever needed but just in case you come across an 11 characters swift code of zenith bank, then it is probably that of Abuja Headquarter branch code.

The additional 3 characters belongs to the branch. However, the branch code is not always needed because the head office covers every other Zenith Bank nationwide. However, if it is stressed, you can simply contact your bank branch for it.

Final Note

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you are in Anambra, Ogun state, Asaba, Kano, Enugu, Owerri or any other Nigerian state or city, the code is the same. It is also called iban number just in case that is what was asked for.

I hope i have been able to answer your question on what is zenith swift code? It’s a simple one which you can easily remember. Better still, if you know how it is formed as explained, you’ll be able to form it yourself if you happen to forget it.

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