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Wema Bank Transfer Code – Send Money Using 945 {2020}

Since its introduction, making use of wema bank money transfer code to send money is something that so many Nigerians has become used to. This service has been made available by almost all commercial banks in Nigeria and it has really improved the level of banking operations.

wema bank transfer code

As a customer of the Bank, you can carry out money transfer as well as other banking transactions using a simple USSD. This code can be used with any GSM devices without the need for internet or web connection, it is very convenient. If you are interested in this code, you can find out more about it below.

Wema Bank Transfer Code

The code to send or transfer money from wema bank of Nigeria is *945#. It is a 3 digit ussd you dial to send money from your account to that of some other person.

This code, however, is not for transferring money alone, it can be used to perform other banking operations. Right now, transferring money with this code is what you came here to learn so let’s know how to use it.

How to Use Wema Transfer Code

To use *945# code to transfer money to someone, follow the detailed steps below.

Note: You should use this code with the sim that is connected to your wema account using any other phone number will not go through.

First of all, you have to generate your mobile pin, to do this.

Dial *945*100 if you are a new Wema Bank customer or dial *945*50# if you are an already existing customer. After that, follow the onscreen prompts and you’ll be required to provide the following info.

  • Account Number
  • Date of birth
  • Your Pin (4 digits)

You should be able to memorize the pin you entered as you would need it to authorize transactions you would carry out with the wema ussd code. Now that you have created your pin, you can transfer money. To send money.

Dial *945*Beneficiary Account Number*Transfer Amount# (For example *945*0197678389*200000#)

That is all and your account will be debited while that of the beneficiary will be credited with the transfer amount.

Why Use this Method of Sending Money

As a customer of wema bank, you should make use their code for transferring money because.

1.) It is fast: With this code, you transfer money in just a few minutes.

2.) Convenient: The code saves you the stress of going to the bank or ATM and it is easy to use.

3.) Available 24/7: You can transfer money anytime any day.

Daily Transfer Limit

There is a limited amount of money you can transfer with this code on a daily basis. The default limit is N20,000 daily but a majority of people would want to send more than that amount so it can be increased to N500,000. You can increase this amount by visiting your bank branch or through WemaMobile and WemaOnline.

Code Service Charge

If you are transferring from wema to wema bank, you are charged N21 while transfers to other Bank accounts attract a service charge of N52. This charge is deducted from your account balance immediately after every successful transfer, there is no charge to your airtime balance.

Other Things You can Do With Wema 945

The Wema Bank *945# Code is open for other banking operations which include.

1.) Open an Account: Dial *945*1#

2.) View Balance: Dial *945*0#

3.) Self Recharge: Dial *945*recharge Amount#

4.) 3rd Party Recharge: Dial *945*Receiver’s phone number*recharge amount#

5.) Buy Data for Alertz Number: Dial *945*2#

6.) 3rd Party Data: Dial *945*2*Receiver’s phone number#

7.) Subscribe your DSTV decoder: Dial *945*16*SmartcardNumber*subscription amount#

8.) Subscribe your GoTV decoder: Dial *945*18*SmartcardNumber*subscription amount#

9.) Pay your electricity bills: Dial *945*19*MeterNumber*Amount#

10.) Top up your LCC Tollgate account: Dial *945*23*LCC Number*Amount#

Final Note

If you ever need to send money to someone and you bank with wema, you can easily use their transfer code and get it done in minutes. It is easy to use and you can use it at all time including weekend, public holidays and outside banking hours.

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