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Unity Bank Transfer Code – Send Money {2020}

Unity Bank Plc has over 200 branches across Nigeria, that shows how popular and widely patronized the bank is. If you are a customer of the bank and you are searching for their transfer code, you came to the right place.

unity bank transfer code

Unity Bank Transfer Code 2020

The code you came here for is *7799# and it is what you can use to send money from your account with unity bank. It is the code for the Unity Bank USSD service which was introduced to make certain bank transactions easy to carry out.

Read on as I will be showing you how to use this code to transfer money and also other things you need to know. First things first – registration.

How to Register

Before you can make use of the unity bank *7799# code to carry out money transfers, you must first register on the ussd platform. This registration is easy and takes few minutes to complete, all you should do is.

  • Dial *7799# from the phone number registered to your account
  • Reply with 1 for YES (to confirm that you are a Unity Bank customer and you have a bank account with them)
  • Enter the correct digits of your bank account number
  • Create a 4-digit USSD PIN
  • Re-enter your 4-digit USSD PIN.

As easy as that and you have completed your registration. You will get an onscreen notification as confirmation that you have signed up for this ussd service.

The 4-digit PIN you created is of utmost importance, you should memorize and try not to forget it. Now, let’s find out how one can transfer money using this USSD code.

It can be used to transfer money to Unity bank account holders and other commercial bank account holders in Nigeria. This can be done via different ways and I shall show you how to do both.

Transfers from Unity to Other Unity Bank Accounts

If your beneficiary is a Unity Bank user and you want to transfer a certain amount to him or her, this is what to do.

  • Dial *7799*1*Beneficiary Account Number*Transfer Amount#
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN to approve the transfer.

Let’s look at this example.

You want to transfer the sum of N15,000 to a Unity bank user whose account number is 7889999887, you should dial *7799*1*7889999887*15000# and complete the transfer with your PIN.

Transfers to Other Commercial Bank Accounts

If your beneficiary uses a third party bank and you want to transfer a certain amount to him or her, this is what to do.

  • Dial *7799*2* Beneficiary Account Number*Transfer Amount#
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to select the particular bank of the beneficiary
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN to approve the transfer.

Let’s look at this example.

You want to transfer the sum of N10,000 to a First bank user whose account number is 0324444032, you should dial *7799*2*0324444032*10000#, select First bank from the list of other banks and complete the transfer with your PIN.

Your transfer will be successful if every detail is entered correctly and your bank account will be debited accordingly.

This is how to transfer money using the Unity bank transfer code but, it does not end there, there are other things associated with the code you need to be aware of if you are going to make use of it.

Transaction Charges

There is a small fee of N10 – 50 Naira depending how much you want to transfer. Less then 5000 Naira comes with a service charge of 10 Naira, 5001 – 50,000 attracts 20 Naira and above 50,000 attracts a charge of 50 Naira.

This amount is not deducted from your airtime, it is deducted from your bank account as the transfer amount is being deducted.

Transfer Limit

Just as it is with normal banking activities, there is a limit to the amount of money you can transfer with this USSD code in a day.

The daily limit is N100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Naira Only) i.e you cannot transfer more than N100,000.000 in a day.

Nevertheless, this amount can be increased to a higher one if you make a request at the customer care of your banks’ branch.

Why Use this Platform?

If you are a Unity bank customer and you have not been using their USSD code to transfer money, you are missing out big time.

Among the reasons why this USSD is sought after by many is because it has many advantages over other money transfer mediums and they include.

1.) The code is fast to use, transfers can be carried out in as little as a minute with it

2.) It is convenient as you can use it anywhere you are (home, office or school) and at anytime (night and day)

3.) The code does not require internet or data connection, it is a better means of transferring money on mobile than the Unity bank mobile application

4.) It works with all major networks in Nigeria and that includes MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile

5.) The code is available on weekends and non-banking days

6.) It is secure as it features a PIN, there is no way for others to transfer money without your consent.

Final Note

Need to bank the convenient way, then you need to perform transactions using the Unity bank transfer code. The code works with all mobile networks and with all mobile devices so it can be accessed by all.

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