UBA Airtime Recharge Code {Credit Top Up}

With presence in 20 African countries, the United Bank for Africa stands as one of the major commercial banks in Africa. In Nigeria, the bank enjoys massive patronizing from citizens of the country and here is how to use uba airtime recharge code for credit top up or buy card.

uba airtime recharge code

No one likes running out of airtime when there is an urgent need to contact someone. It gets worse when you have no money on you to immediately purchase.

However, you need not worry much as a UBA customer, the bank has set a simple code that you can use to recharge airtime directly from your bank account.

Read below to find out what the UBA code for credit recharge is, how you can use it to recharge and other important information.

UBA Airtime Recharge Code

The code to buy card from your uba account is *919#, it is the UBA USSD magic banking platform. To be able to use this ussd, your phone number needs to be enrolled on the UBA SMS alert service and you must have a UBA bank account or atleast their prepaid card.

Register for UBA Mobile Code Platform

You can sign up for this service with your bank account or with your UBA prepaid card. To register you just need to dial *919# from the phone number linked to your account and attempt to carry out any transaction.

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The system will prompt you to sign up, select if you want to create with your bank account or prepaid card. Follow the onscreen prompts and provide all details as requested. Next, create a PIN for your account’s security, this PIN should be unique and something that you can remember easily.

How to Use UBA 919 for Top Up

This code can be used for Self recharge and Third party recharge. Self recharge is used when you wish to recharge your phone number linked to your bank account only.

Third Party recharge is used to top up any other phone number that is not linked to your UBA account; it could be your other numbers or that of your friends and family. See below how you can do both.

Self Recharge

To buy card for your alertz number (number on your uba bank profile), dial *919*Airtime Amount# (e.g. *919*2000#) and enter your USSD PIN to approve the transaction.

Third Party Recharge

To top up every other numbers other than the alertz number, dial *919*Mobile Number*Airtime Amount# (e.g. *919*09033445566*500#) and enter your USSD PIN to approve the transaction.

Mobile Networks you can Top Up

The code can be used to recharge MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile networks.

Transaction Charges

UBA charges no fee for airtime top up with their code. Also, your mobile network won’t charge you if you use 9Mobile or MTN. However, you would need to have at least N2 airtime if you are recharging for Airtel, Glo and others as telco USSD usage charges may be charged.

Daily Recharge Limit

With the UBA *919# recharge code, you cannot recharge above N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira Only) in a day as it is the daily accumulative limit.

Nevertheless, this amount can be increased and to do so, dial *919# and select increase limit and follow the onscreen prompts to increase. You can as well increase it through the customer care center at your bank branch.

How to Reset PIN

If for any reason you forget your PIN, you should stop trying to top-up airtime with a wrong PIN to avoid being barred from using the USSD service. What you should do is to reset the PIN, to do this.

  • Dial *919#
  • Navigate to the 3rd Menu by entering Next Twice Select PIN Setup
  • Choose to reset PIN using bank account number or to reset using Prepaid card
  • Provide the required details according to your choice (Bank account or card number)
  • Create a new PIN
  • Re-enter your new PIN to confirm.

Doing this will change your PIN to a new one which you can use to approve your future transactions with the code.

Customer Care for Recharge Issues

If you come across any issues with recharging, do well to reach out to their customer center by sending a mail to cfc@ubagroup.com or by calling 234-700 2255-822. The UBA customer center is available 24/7 so you can contact them at anytime you need to.

Final Note

The uba airtime recharge code was introduced to make banking transactions simple and convenient to carry out.

It is fast to use in recharging airtime as the mobile number is credited immediately the transaction is completed. The code does not use data, it is free – no service charge – so it is cost friendly.

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