Sterling Bank Airtime Recharge Code {Top Up}

This write up is for those looking for the sterling bank airtime recharge code but their brief history, you can check below. Does Sterling bank have a top up code? Yes! they do and it is an extension of *822# – a ussd service which i will be showing you how to make use of.

sterling bank airtime recharge code

In 1969, a bank was licensed as the first merchant bank in Nigeria; that bank was Sterling bank though it was bearing the name Nigeria Acceptances Limited (NAL) at that time. Currently, Sterling bank is one of the major commercial banks in the country with customers numbering in millions.

The bank provides various financial services to businesses, corporations and individuals alike. There are over 170 Sterling bank branches in Nigeria and you would find a branch in almost every Nigerian state. With a total assets value of over N1 Trillion, Sterling bank is also one of the most valuable financial companies in the country.

I digress! But i am back and we can continue from where we left.

Before we proceed, the first thing to ask is who and who are eligible to use this service. Well, the service is available to all Sterling bank account holders who operate a savings or current account. Corporate accounts and others cannot make use of the USSD code.

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Note: You are to use this code with the phone number linked with your bank account. Dialing from another number will not work. If you do not have the number linked to your bank account anymore, visit your bank branch and update the phone number with any current one you are using.

How to Register

This is a unique platform so before you can make use of the code to do anything, you need to register on the platform.

  • To register, you are required to dial *822*1*Bank Account Number#
  • After dialing that, the system will ask you to create PIN 1 and PIN 2 – these PINs are for security reasons and you alone should be aware of it so as to prevent others from accessing your account
  • The PIN 1 is what you would use frequently, the PIN 2 will be required only when you are carrying out any transaction above N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only).
  • Each of the PINs should be 4-digits, just make use of something you can easily remember.

After completing the above, you are now registered on the platform and can now use the code for recharge.

Sterling Bank Airtime Recharge Code

We are going to look at how one can use the Sterling Bank USSD code to self-recharge or to recharge for other people (third-party recharge).

Self Recharge

To recharge your phone from your account, simply dial *822*Airtime Amount*Phone Number# and enter your PIN.

Example: You want to recharge N700, dial *822*700# on your phone and then enter your PIN to confirm.

Third-Party Recharge

To recharge for others, simply dial *822*AIRTIME AMOUNT*PHONE NUMBER# and enter your PIN.

Example: You want to recharge N100 for 08099977788, dial *822*100*08099977788# on your phone and then enter your PIN to confirm.

Mobile Networks you can Recharge

All telecommunication networks in Nigeria can be recharged with this code. This means you can recharge Airtel, 9mobile, Glo and MTN mobile networks.

Daily Airtime Recharge Limit

The highest amount of airtime you can purchase in a day with the *822# code is N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira). You can increase the amount if you want and that can be done through your bank’s customer care. Remember, recharging any amount above N20,000 will require the PIN 2.

Service Charge

Recharging airtime with the Sterling bank USSD code is free, you are not charged any fee for both self-recharge and third-party recharge.

Sterling Bank Contact for Recharge Inquiry

If you encounter any issues with using the sterling bank ussd code, you can contact the bank by sending a mail to or calling 070078375464. If it is a case of failed transaction with your account being debuted, your money will be refunded within 24 hours.

Final Note

You should be using the sterling bank airtime recharge code to purchase credit as the bank customer because it is an easy, swift and simple means of purchasing airtime. You can just stay anywhere you are and top-up your line and at anytime too; everything is processed in less than 20 seconds.

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