What is MTN Airtime Transfer Code 2019?

If you are a subscriber and you wish to send credit to other users of this network, there is a simple ussd combination you can make use of. I believe you came here to find out mtn airtime transfer code is right? so, I will be showing you.

mtn airtime transfer code

MTN Airtime Transfer Code

Transferring airtime on MTN comes under the MTN Share ‘N’ Sell platform and the code made available for it is *600*Receivers Phone Number*Airtime Amount*PIN#. Seems quite long but using it is very easy if you know how.

Let us assume that you want to transfer N500 to this phone number 08012345678. You should simply dial *600*08012345678*500*0000# and the airtime will be transferred. You will get an SMS confirming the transaction.

Note that the PIN used – 0000 – is the default transfer pin.

Transferring via SMS

Aside from using the code to transfer airtime, there is an SMS pattern that you can still make use of. The details needed for this is still the same as that of the USSD code.

To use SMS, text Transfer Receivers Number, Airtime Amount PIN to 777. Do not get confused, let us illustrate.

Let’s still take that you want to transfer N500 to this phone number 08012345678. You should text “Transfer 08012345678 500 0000” (without the quote) to 777. There must be a space between them and you must text in this particular order for your airtime transfer to be successful.

When you send this text, MTN will reply you with an SMS asking you to confirm that you really want to make the transfer. Reply the SMS with a YES and you are good; the airtime will be transferred and you will as well get a confirmation SMS.

Note: The process of transferring airtime on MTN is irreversible so before you do your transfer, ensure that it is the correct phone number and you don’t send to the wrong person.

How Can i Change My Transfer PIN?

On the two methods of airtime transfer on MTN discussed above, we made use of the default PIN 0000. Now, it is advisable to change this PIN to something unique to you only so as to secure your airtime. If you do not change it, anyone can just pick up your phone and transfer airtime with or without your consent.

Fortunately, changing it is easy and it can be done in two ways – USSD code and SMS.

Using USSD

In using this method, you need to dial *600*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#.

See the illustration.

We already know the default PIN to be 0000, let us take that you want to change it to 6745. What you should dial is *600*0000*6745*6745#.

Your PIN will be changed and you will be notified by SMS as confirmation. You will now make use of the new PIN if you want to transfer airtime.

Using SMS

To use this method, text default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777. See the illustration.

Might Need: MTN Pulse Code

Using the same 6745 as the PIN we are changing to from 0000. What you should text is 0000 6745 6745 to 777. You will get an SMS notification and your PIN will be changed.

If at any point in time you wish to change your PIN to a new one, you can make use of these methods and simply replace the default PIN with the old PIN.

Transfer Limit

There is no limit as to how many times you can use the transfer code to transfer airtime but, there is a limit as to the amount of airtime you can transfer with it. The maximum amount of airtime you can transfer in a day is N10,000.00.

For each transfer, the minimum amount allowed is N50 while the maximum amount allowed is N5,000.

Service Charge(s)

For each airtime transfer transaction you make, there is a fee to be paid. The amount of this fee varies depending on the amount of airtime you are transferring.

  • From N1 to N100 – N3 service charge
  • N101 to N500 – N5 service charge
  • From N501 to N5000 – N10 service charge.

These amounts are auto deducted from your airtime balance upon each successful transaction.

Final Note

There you go on mtn airtime transfer code. As a USSD that it is, it can be used with any MTN SIM on any GSM phone. Also, the code can only be used for transfer from MTN to MTN, you will get an error if you try it with other mobile networks in Nigeria.

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