How to buy data on Airtel (Subscription Code)

A lot of airtel customers want to know (especially those who are new to browsing) how to buy data on airtel. This is because data is needed for so many reasons and most at times, your mobile phone, laptop and the rest will be less useful when you have no data on your to buy data on airtel

In this modern time, information is readily passed through the internet than any other means so one needs data to stay updated on news and other happenings.

Social media plays a major role in the life of many individuals and businesses today; people make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp and the rest to connect with friends, families, clients and business partners and that would not be possible without data.

You will not be able to stream or download music and videos if you have no data. These are some of the reasons why data is important and why people needs to buy data. I am sure you already know how data is important and you didn’t really need to be reminded. Now back to the primary objective of this article.

How to Buy Data on Airtel

Buying of data on the Airtel Network is quite easy, Airtel makes their data buying processes very simple. The first thing you need to know about buying data is that you will be charged for it. Of course data is definitely not free and you will pay for it that’s why you are “Buying”.

So, before proceeding to buy data on Airtel, make sure your line is recharged or you already have enough airtime to cover the expenses i.e if you are buying N1,000 data, you should have up to that amount in your account balance.

  • Airtel has a simple code for buying data which is *141#
  • When you dial it from your Airtel Line, you’ll get a 6-list menu of Airtel Data services
  • You should then reply with whichever you want
  • From the list, you will notice that there are different data plan types on Airtel, each with its own terms and conditions.
  • However, the 1st on the menu “Buy a Data plan” is what you should choose since you want to purchase data.
  • Now, you have to decide if you want a Daily/Weekly data plan, Monthly data plan, Mega Data Plan, Post Paid Data plan and Social Plans.
  • After that, you from the available options according to your preference and account balance
  • The last step is to confirm purchase and if you want auto-renewal or not.

Airtel Browsing Plans Categories

Daily/Weekly Data Plans: These Data plans vary and lasts for either 1 day, 3 days, 7 days and 14 days. They are of different prices and data rates, the lowest is N50.

Check: Airtel Data Plan Code for 1000 Naira

Monthly Data Plans: These are data plans that last for 30 days. They are sold for N1000 and above.

Mega Data Plans: Mega Data Plans are also 30 days data plan but of much bigger volume. Data subscriptions that costs N5000 and above are considered Mega plans.

Post Paid Data Plans: These data plans are just like the weekly and monthly data plans just that they are post paid i.e you pay after using them.

Social Plans: Social plans are data subscription for social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp.

Final Note

If you have airtel network in your location, they are currently rewarding new sims double data for 3 months. I hope i have done justice to your question on how to subscribe on airtel network in Nigeria. Do not hesitate to drop a comment if you have any question.

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