Glo Data Plan for 500 Naira Code

In this article, we will be looking at the glo data plan for 500 Naira code together. A typical internet bundle for light data consumers.glo data plan for 500 naira code

Glo Nigeria is a top mobile network in the country and they are tagged “the Grand Master’s of data” because of their mind-blowing data subscription plans.

Without doubt, Glo internet plans are the cheapest you will find among all mobile networks in the country. Glo has data subscription plans for both heavy and light data users, no matter which category you fit in, you are sure to find your preference.

If you want to spend just N500 on a data plan, glo has an ideal plan for you. With N500, you get 800MB + 200MB bonus data when you subscribe with Glo. Something you can’t get on any other mobile network in Nigeria right now. How do you go about it? read on to discover.

One drawback on the Glo network is that it is not the best for 3G, but works very fast on 4G. What this simply mean is that you won’t enjoy the Glo network much on 3G, but on 4G you would love it. Glo 3G will only work very well if the signal strength in your area is strong.

Glo Data Plan for 500 Naira Code (800MB + 200MB)

Subscribing to this data plan is as easy as ABC, all you have to do is to, first of all, make sure you have up to the required N500 in your account balance.

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If you do not, then you should recharge. Dial the subscription code *127*57# and send. If successful, N500 will be deducted from account balance and you will be credited with 500MB data with an extra 200MB as bonus. You will get an SMS as confirmation from Glo.

Validity Period of Glo N500 FOR 800MB + 200MB

The Glo N500 for 800MB + 200MB bonus data is a 2 weeks data plan so it stays valid for 14 days after you subscribe. It is possible to rollover your data if you renew your subscription before it expires.

Glo Campus Data Booster N500 Data Plan

Glo also offers a different N500 data plan on the Glo Campus Data Booster. This plan is beneficial to Nigeria students on campuses nationwide.

With the Glo Campus Data Booster plan, you get a whopping 1.12GB data with N500 to call Glo to Glo and free 125MB for gifting.

Now that’s a lot and it’s an ideal plan for students considering how they need to save money and not spend so much of it.

Buying this data plan is simple; just as normal, ensure that your account balance is up to OR higher than N500, you have to recharge if it’s not.

From your phone, Dial *777# and send, then reply with “6” to navigate to the Campus booster plans and then select the N500 data plan. You’re done, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you and your data will be credited while N500 will be deducted from your credit balance.

This glo data plan for 500 naira cannot be rolled over and it is a weekly plan that lasts for 7 days.

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