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Glo Data Plan Code for 1000 Naira

Glo, often referred to as the Grand Master of Data is not a new name to the Nigerian telecommunications industry. They are actually on top when it comes to data providers in the country with their cheap and affordable data plans one of which you can purchase using this glo data plan code for 1000 Naira. Their data plans are the most cost-friendly among the rest of networks.glo data plan code for 1000 naira

This post will be discussing the Glo internet plan code for N1000 (One Thousand Naira). It would interest you to know that with just N1,000 you can get a whopping 1.84GB. This offer right here is the best data subscription plan for N1,000 you can get currently.

To enjoy such data plans from Glo, it is preferred that you be on a 4G rather than 3G network. If you are on 3G, the only way you can enjoy Glo internet plans is if you have a strong Glo signal in your area.

Glo Data Plan Code for 1000 Naira

You can subscribe by just dialing this code *127*53#. There is another method of purchasing this plan as explained below just in case the telecom giant decided to change the above code.

Subscribing to any data plan from your phone is easy as long as you know the data plan code. To subscribe to this package, first of all, your account balance should be N1,000 or higher. After that.

  • Dial *777# from your phone
  • Reply “1” from the displayed menu to buy data
  • Then, Reply with “1” again to buy 3G/4G data plans
  • Reply with “2” to buy monthly plans
  • Choose the 1000 naira plan which gives 1.84GB data volume.

Once successful, you will be credited with N1.84GB data while N1,000 will be deducted from your account and you will get a confirmation SMS from Glo.

Validity Period of Glo 1000 Naira for 1.84GB Data Plan

As you would have noticed, the Glo N1000 for 1.84GB data is a monthly data plan so it stays valid for 30 days after you subscribe. To avoid losing your data, you can choose to roll over. To do this, you just have to renew your subscription before it expires and the old data will be added to the new one.

Glo Campus Data Booster N1000 Plan

For Nigerian Students using Glo Network, Glo has a special data offer of N1000 for you with the Glo campus data booster. This glo data booster is available on most but not all Nigerian Campuses and it is an ideal plan for students to subscribe to so they can save money.

On the Glo campus data booster, you get up to 2.24GB with just N1,000. It does not end there, you also get a Glo to Glo bonus of N1,000 and free 250MB data for gifting.

To subscribe to this data plan you should have up to N1,000 in your account.

  • Dial the Glo data code *777# from your phone
  • Select 6 to choose the Glo campus booster plans and then choose the N1,000 data plan
  • You will be notified if your purchase is successful and you will receive 2.24GB data with the N1,000 being deducted

Glo Campus Booster Validity

The Glo Campus Data Booster N1,000 plan is a 2 weeks data plan, it lasts for 15 days and can’t be rolled over. You should try to exhaust it before it expires to avoid wasting data.

Final Note

I hope i have been able to do justice to your question regarding the code to subscribe for glo 1000 naira internet bundle. One way you can appreciate our effort is by sharing this information with other using the social media icons below.

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