Glo Call Me Back Code 2019 – How to Send the USSD

Statistics show that, Glo is the second largest mobile network in Nigeria and the fact cannot be disputed. In the Glo world, you would find over 45 million Nigerians which shows how popular and widely used the network is in the country. Inside here is glo call me back code and how to get the best out of it.

glo call me back code

As a Glo customer, it’s certain that the main reason why you bought your Glo SIM is to use it to communicate with others. With your SIM, you can make calls, send SMS and also browse the internet. However, these things are not for free as you pay for every one of them via the airtime you recharge.

With that, you would be unable to communicate with others if you have no airtime unless they are the one to call or text you. What if you really need to talk to a particular person and you have no airtime, how do you get the person to call you?

You can do that by using the call me back sms made available by Glo. So, if you are a Glo customer and you need this code, you have been searching for it online, then, it is good that you are here as you are about to find out what the code is.

Glo Call Me Back Code

The ussd code to send please call me sms on glo Nigeria is *125*Recipient Phone Number#. To use the code, simply dial it and substitute the 11 digits of the recipient number.

For example, if your recipient’s phone number is “09033233090” you should dial *125*09033233090#.

Once dialed, an onscreen notification will be shown confirming that your call me back request has been successfully sent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most asked questions by Glo customers about the call me back code. Q mean question while A mean answer.

1.) Q: How much will I be charged for using the code?

A: You will not be charged any amount as using the code is free.

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2.) Q: Can I send this message to other networks?

A: No, you can only send call me back on Glo to Glo networks i.e the recipient phone number must be Glo. Sending to other networks (MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile) will be unsuccessful.

3.) Q: How do I send “Call me back, I have a gist for you” SMS on Glo?

A: Glo does not allow sending of special call me back SMS so you can not send that. You can only send a simple “Please call me back”.

4.) Q: How many times can I use this service in a day?

A: There is no limit as to the number of times you can make use of this service in a day. This means you can send this request as many times as you need to daily.

5.) Q: Does it work at Night?

A: Yes, the call me service from Glo is available 24/7 so it can be used at anytime be it day or night.

Final Note

As a Glo customer who needs to speak urgently with someone but has no airtime to make a call, you can simply make use of the glo call me back request code provided in this write up to request for a call. It is free of charge and you can use it with a 0.00 account balance.

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