Glo Bumpa Code 2019 – Migration & Tariff Call Rate

Glo has a number of tariffs for their customers which are very rewarding with worthwhile benefits to subscribers. In this article, we are only interested in one of them which is the glo bumpa call plan.glo bumpa code

As a Glo Customer or a customer of any mobile network in Nigeria, it is common for you to search for the best call plans available that gives you the most benefits.

It is not new to see people porting from one mobile network to another simply because the mobile network has a very rewarding plan that interests them. For this reason, mobile networks in Nigeria has strives to bring up cheap call plans in order to keep their customers and also win more.

You must have heard about the Bumpa tariff before as it is being advertised on Newspapers, Television and radio stations, you can also see it on huge billboards as you drive, ride or walk down the road.

It is a tariff plan for prepaid customers of the Globacom mobile network. It was introduced by the telecommunication giant to give more value to their subscribers and enable them to stay connected with family, friends and business partners and clients.

The plan charges subscribers at a different rate than it is normally charged on the Glo Network and also offers subscribers with huge airtime bonuses to make more calls.

If you are looking for the Bumpa migration Code, then you are at the right place as you will find it contained here. Not only will you discover the code, but you will also learn what the call plan is all about and what you stand to gain if you join it.

Glo Bumpa Migration Code

The code to migrate to bumpa from glo is *100*10*1#. Just dial it from your glo sim and reply with 1 to confirm you initiat the migration procedure. You do not need data, internet or web connection.

That is all, you will receive a confirmation that you are now on the bumpa platform and once you recharge, you can start enjoying all the juicy benefits as listed below in this article.

You should note that migrating to this call tariff plan is free of charge as you won’t be charged a kobo.

How to Check Bumpa Balance

To check your bonus airtime balance, simply dial *122*2#. Your bonus airtime balance will not be displayed along with your main account balance, meaning you cannot check your bonus airtime balance by using the normal code for checking glo airtime balance.

Benefits of the Bumpa Tariff Plan

You may be wondering what is so special about bumpa call plan and why should you migrate to it.

Well, there are other plans available for customers of the globacom network to subscribe to but this particular one is a very unique one and that is why so many people are interested in it.

When you migrate, you stand to enjoy the following gains.

1.) Up to 200% bonus when you recharge your Glo SIM with N100 (One Hundred Naira Only) and above.

For example, if you recharge N500 (Five Hundred Naira), you get to receive a 200% bonus of N1,000 (One Thousand Naira) which when added to the initial amount you recharged becomes N1,500 (One Thousand Five Hundred Naira).

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2.) Calls you make are first charged from your bonus account balance, your main airtime balance will be touched when your bonus airtime is depleted.

3.) You can use the bonus airtime to call all networks in Nigeria at a flat rate of 50 kobo per second which amounts to about 30 Naira in one minute.

4.) You can use your bonus airtime to send SMS to all networks in Nigeria at a rate of N4 per SMS.

5.) You can use your bonus airtime to browse the internet at a rate of 5 kobo per second.

6.) Free Night Calls every night from 12:00 am (midnight) to 5:00 am (morning) to all Glo Networks. All you have to do to qualify for the free night calls is to use a minimum amount of N30 from your main airtime account – not bonus airtime account.

These are the known benefits that you stand to enjoy when you migrate to bumpa. From the list, you can see that the most interesting one is the 200% bonus airtime which can be used to call all mobile networks in Nigeria.

One good thing about the bonus is that it is valid for a month (30 days) and it can be accumulated. This means that the more you recharge, you keep on receiving a bonus and the new bonus will be added to your old bonus balance.

This Tariff plan from Glo is also a very nice one for people who engage with people much on the phone as the free Night calls give you free 5 Hours to call whoever you want, provided the person uses a Glo SIM card.

If you would love to enjoy these benefits, scroll back up to know how to migrate to bumpa call tariff from glo using a ussd code.

Final Note

Globacom Nigeria Limited has the vision to be Africa’s biggest and best telecommunications network and so far they have tried to keep on track in achieving that goal by providing the best for their customers.

The glo bumpa call tariff plan is no doubt a welcome addition to their already existing plans and so many customers are already on the platform.

If you are on the Glo Network and you need a call plan that gives you more talk time to connect with people, you should consider this plan that we have been talking about since.

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