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FCMB Swift Code – Bank Identifier {BIC | IBAN} 2020

FCMB is a full service commercial bank with multiple branches in different Nigerian states and cities as well as so many customers. Being on this page means you are searching for swift code of fcmb and i can bet that you are either trying to receive money from outside Nigeria or you are the one sending the money.fcmb swift code

FCMB is one of the longest operating commercial banks in Nigeria. It was formed far back in April 1982 which means it has been in operation for close to 40 years (37 years to be precise).

FCMB Swift Code

The BIC of first city monument bank is FCMBNGLA. It is the same for all branches of this financial institution across the nation. What that mean is that irrespective of the location or branch that your account is being held, the code is the same.

What is a Swift Code?

Swift codes were formed by the Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications which is actually where the “SWIFT” came from. It is also called IBAN Number or Bank Identifier Code (BIC) as it is a code that identifies a particular bank and every bank has its unique own.

When inter bank money transfer is to be carried out (especially from foreign countries or very huge sums among local banks) swift codes are used so the money gets to the correct bank branch.

This is something that is very important if you are expecting money from outside Nigeria. Without your swift combinations, it will be difficult for an international money transfer to be delivered successfully.

Banks also use it to communicate with one another as it is also a telecommunication code used to deliver mails and other messages.

Generally, Swift codes are 8 – 11 digits in number and different individual codes form one Swift code. The individual codes in question here are.

  • The Bank code: This is always the first 3 or 4 digits
  • Country code: the next 2 or 3 digits after the bank code is always the code of the country where the bank is located
  • Location or city code: this comes next after the country code, it is the code of the location or city where the bank is located and is a maximum of 3 digits
  • Bank’s branch code: this code is added only when necessary and is mostly used for local transfer. Every bank branch has a branch code and it always comes last in an 11 digit Swift code.

That is how Swift codes are formed, it is quite simple and if you know these individual codes, you can arrange any Swift code by yourself.

How the Swift Code of FCMB was Formed

We’ll be looking at how the FCMB Bank Swift code was formed; knowing this will be an advantage so if you happen to forget the code anywhere you are, you can easily remember it this way.

FCMB Bank Swift code is a combination of three codes (FCMB-NG-LA).

The first code (FCMB) is the Bank code and we all know FCMB is for First City Momentum Bank which is the official name of the bank.

Next code we have there is NG – the country code of Nigeria which is the country in which the bank is located.

Last code we have is LA – the location or city code of Lagos which is the city where FCMB bank head office (Primrose Towers, 17A, Tinubu Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State) is located.

Final Note

For sure, you have found what brought you to this page which is the swift code of fcmb. If you are an FCMB customer, you can provide this code if you are asked for the swift, BIC or IBAN Number of your bank. It can be used for all locations and branches in Nigeria irrespective of your city.

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