Airtel Family and Friends Code 2019

With the use of airtel family and friends code (FaF), you can easily subscribe to one of the many call plan offered by the telecom giant to their customers.

The main aim of this tariff is to provide people with more talk time so they can connect and communicate with their family and family and friends code

On airtel friends and family, calls are being charge at a relatively low rate than normal when you call the numbers on your fnf list. An extension of this code can be used to add and remove numbers to and from your faf list.

Airtel Family and Friends Code

The main code for friends and family on airtel network is *311*2*Phone number#. It is what you will dial to register a number on your faf list.

Adding Numbers to Your FAF List

Let’s take for example you have a friend called “Peter” and his phone number is “08084477988”. If you want to add Peter to your Airtel faf list, you will have to dial *311*2*08084477988#. Follow the process for other numbers you intend to add.

For every number you add, you will get an SMS notification from Airtel stating that you have successfully added such a number.

You do not have to make any initial migration to use this code, just make sure than you are already active on any of the airtel prepaid plans.

People often ask the question “how many numbers can i add?”. Well, you can now add as much as you like but primarily, it is just five (5), and all must be airtel numbers.

You can add 5 faf numbers for free but for most people, this amount is way too small. For that reason, Airtel extended the limit and now allows customers to add more than 5 numbers with a N50 charge for any extra number.

What this means is that N50 will be deducted from your airtime balance once you try to add any other number after the initial 5.

Removing or Deleting Numbers from Airtel FAF List

Now you have added the numbers you want, what happens if you want to remove a number? It is possible to delete a number and you can do that by dialing *311*3*Phone number#.

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Let’s take for example you want to remove “Peter” from your list, remember his phone number is “08084477988”. You will have to dial *311*3*08084477988#; follow the same process for other phone numbers you wish to remove.

For every number you remove, you will get an SMS notification from Airtel stating that you have successfully removed such a number.

Viewing your Airtel Friends and Family list

Do you want to check, confirm and to know the numbers on your faf list? There is a code specified for that. Just dial *311*4#.

FAF Call Rate

Like stated earlier, this service was implemented to give people more talk time so there calls are charged at lower rates.

The Airtel FnF has two different periods (Peak period and Off peak period) so there are two different call rates and they depend on the time of the day in which you are making the call.

1.) The Peak Period: The peak period is within 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM. It can also be called day period and calls made at this time are charged at N0.25 (25 Kobo) per second.

2.) The Off Peak Period: The off peak period is within 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. It can also be called night period and calls made at this time are charged at N0.21 (21 Kobo) per second.

Final Note

Hope with the information provided in this article you will be able to make use of the airtel family and friends code conveniently. Adding, removing and viewing numbers are all easy to carry out.

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