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Access Bank Swift Code {All Nigerian States & Cities} 2020

When it comes to banking, swift codes are among the very important codes and there is a reason why you were asked to provide it. Do you need swift code of access bank? That’s fine. It is what this article is all about. But before we get to that, let’s learn what the code itself is all about.access bank swift code

Bank Swift codes are common and are required almost every other day. When asked to provide your Bank Swift Code, one will start wondering what is (are) it uses or functions.

What is Access Bank Swift Code?

Access Bank PLC Swift code is “ABNGNGLA” for all their customers in Nigeria. It is an 8 characters code which you can remember easily.

In order not to forget it, it is best if you know how it was gotten. The 8-characters swift code is divided into 3 parts which in ABNGNGLA are; ABNG-NG-LA.

  • The first part “ABNG” is the Bank’s Code and it stands for Access Bank Nigeria
  • Second part “NG” is the country code and it stands for Nigeria
  • The third part “LA” is the location or city code and it stands for Lagos – where Access Bank Head office is located.

Swift Code Explained

Swift is the acronym for Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunications. It is a special bank identity code which most banks in Nigeria and overseas have.

It can also be called iBan or Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and it can either be 8 or 11 characters long but most swift codes you will see are just 8 digits.

Swift codes can be divided into parts, this is because they are actually a combination of other codes that it is made up of.

The first 4 digits of a Swift code is usually the Bank Code, the next 2 characters that follow are the Country code while the last two are the location or city code. When the swift code is 11 characters, the added 3 characters are usually the branch code.

That is how swift code is formed and there is no way two banks can have the same swift code because of course, two banks can’t bear the same name. So what are the swift codes used for? Let’s see.

What is Swift Code used for?

You reading this and looking for the Access swift code, it’s likely that you want to carry out an international money transfer and you were asked to provide it.

Sometimes, you may be filling an online form or application and when it gets to bank details, you will be asked to provide your bank’s swift code. That is exactly what a swift code is used for – Money Transfer and payments especially international ones.

If you do not provide the swift code of your bank, it would be difficult to carry out an international money transfer to a bank account and it may be impossible sometimes. Banks also use swift code to communicate with one another through messages as it is also a telecommunication system.

Just as earlier stated, the Code can be extended to 11 characters by adding the 3 characters branch code to the already existing 8 characters. But, it is mostly not necessary as the head office stands for every other Access Bank Branch across Nigeria and its code covers all.

Just so you know, the swift code of access bank in this article is the same for everybody in Nigeria irrespective of your state of city. It is the same for those in Lagos, Ogun state, Warri, Ado Ekiti, Edo, Onitsha etc.

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