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About US

The Nigerian Code is a blog set up for Nigerians to have access to all codes that might be needed in one place. This will save you the stress of searching the entire internet for a code when you can simply search this website.

Codes you should expect to see on this platform include but not limited to zip or postal, mobile banking and telecom.

Postal Codes can also be called zip or post codes. They are used by post offices across the nation to make sure the delivery of goods and services is seamless within Nigeria and between Nigeria and other countries of the world. Each area, local government, towns, cities and states has their own combination.

The set of codes you will see under the umbrella of mobile banking include those required to send money from one bank to another within Nigeria and from any Nigerian banks to anywhere in the world. There will also be an inclusion of sort and swift codes which are importance for international money transfer. You will need them especially for financial transactions involving domiciliary accounts.

Telecommunication ussd codes won’t be left out as well. The Nigerian Code will also cover the codes you will need to subscribe to internet bundles (be it monthly, weekly, daily, night, weekend), migrate from one call plans to another, check your airtime balance and view data balance.

This is an all in one blog as far as ussd codes in the country is concerned. It is set up for the convenience of every Nigerians home and abroad. In simple term, you can consider it an online resource center for everything Nigeria and Code.

Some of these codes might change from time to time but rest assured that this blog will update such article to reflect new changes within a day or two. We are here to serve.