9mobile Airtime Transfer Code 2019 – How to Use it

Do you want to share call credit with your friends or family members? It is possible to do so and if you are a subscriber, I’ll be showing you how to use 9mobile airtime transfer code to do just that.9mobile airtime transfer code

Airtime is something everyone with a mobile phone makes use of almost every day. Often times, we need to send airtime to others or we need others to send credit to us.

For this reason, the 9mobile network made this transfer code available. This is a USSD code that can be used by anyone on the 9Mobile network, read below to know what the ussd is.

9Mobile Airtime Transfer Code

The primary code to transfer airtime on the 9Mobile network is *223*. To use this code, you are required to dial *223*PIN*Airtime Amount*Phone Number#. You will understand better from this example.

Assuming you want to transfer N1,000 to a person whose phone number is 07080967587. Then you should dial *223*0000*1000*07080967587#.

When you dial this, you will get an onscreen prompt asking you to confirm or cancel your transfer. Simply reply with 1 to confirm if you want the transaction to be processed or reply with 2 to cancel.

Once you confirm your transfer, the airtime will be sent and you will get an SMS as confirmation.

In the illustrated example, you might be wondering why I used 0000 as the PIN. Well, this is because 0000 is the default transfer PIN.

A PIN is important because it secures your airtime. With this PIN featured, only you will have access to transferring airtime from your account. However, the default PIN is not really a secure one and you are expected to change it to something unique. Let’s find out how this can be done.

How to Change your Transfer PIN

The process of changing your PIN on 9Mobile is an easy one and if done properly, it only takes a few minutes.

Before changing, you have to decide on what you want to use as the new PIN; it must be digits and four in number.

To change your PIN, you should dial *247*Default PIN*New PIN#. Take a look at this example.

Assuming you want to change your airtime transfer PIN from the default 0000 to 5499 as the new one. Then you should dial *247*0000*5499#.

That is all, you will get an SMS from 9Mobile as confirmation that you have successfully changed your PIN.

I forgot my PIN, What Should i Do?

Sometimes, you might forget your PIN; in such a scenario, what do you do?

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The best thing you can do is to call 9Mobile customer care 200 and speak to any of their agents.

You can as well send a query to care@9mobile.com.ng.

Transfer Limit

Transferring airtime on 9Mobile has no limit. You can transfer airtime as many times as you need to in a day. The minimum and maximum amount you can transfer is unknown.

Service Fee

9Mobile collects N10.00 (Ten Naira Only) for every successful airtime transfer and this amount is deducted from your airtime balance along with the transferred airtime.

Other Things to Know

Below are some other things you need to know about using this airtime code.

1.) This code cannot be used to transfer airtime to other mobile networks like MTN, Airtel and Glo. It is for transferring airtime from 9Mobile to 9Mobile.

2.) Transferring airtime on 9Mobile is an irreversible process, once done, it cannot be undone. It is important to cross check the phone number so you are sure you are sending to the right person.

3.) You cannot transfer airtime if you do not have airtime in your account balance. If you wish to transfer N500, you must have at least N510 – N500 for the person and N10 as service charge. Check your account balance to be sure before beginning, you can do this by dialing *232#.

Final Note

This ussd gives you the opportunity of sending credit with other users via the 9mobile airtime transfer code. It is an simple code and I am sure you now know how to use it from reading this article.

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